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We see diversity in terms of gender, cultural background and skills as a core business competence. The times are ready to diversify venture to fulfill the new opporutnities brought on by deep societal changes. Markets of diverse customers and clients are growing and remain at present underserved. We support selected diverse startups from alternative places like the Balkans in building models applying existing technologies for emerging global problems.


Like artisans, we craft startup models for markets of scale. As cultural brokers, we bring to light the full business potential of gender-diverse and alternative startups. Together with trusted investors we back hand-picked ventures for international growth. We are a gender-diverse, inter-generational, transnational and intercultural team of serial entrepreneurs, business developers, seasoned investors, product and market startegists focused on results.


The quality of your product IS not enough. To get to high-need customers in big markets you need the adequate network, partners, sale and marketing specific to economies of scale. We get hands-on and operational in strategic guidance and execution. The studio connects you to diverse resources and networks in the targeted markets. Our services are based on mix models including equity and/or success fee.


In addition to studio startup building, we also invest in selected early stage companies. We turn startups into investable ventures for pre-seed and seed VC investments in the US market. We are the first validation for US based investors bringing the new era of ventures to big markets. Our focus is on gender-diverse startup teams in industries related to online collaboration, digital media and impact solutions.
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