Studio X Ventures
Next Era of Ventures

We believe in a next era of venture businessresponding to the emerging massive societal changes for increasingly diverse markets in economies of scale. We see diversity as an asset in a world where capital has transitioned into a commodity and having money to dole out is not by itself any longer special. And at times in which getting to high-value solutions requires (ideally fast) analysis of the multifaceted complexities accounting for the problem.

Democratizing Venture Business
The ventures that we build are more diverse with
entrepreneurs, investors, audiences of different
backgrounds, competences and genders. This is how STUDIO X Ventures creates more opportunities, impact and profit to satisfy the growing underserved demand of alternative and developed markets. Ultimately, we are artisans contributing to craft a more democratized venture business.

Beyond Outsourcing

We generate wealth going beyond the models of outsourcing in alternative markets. We value vision and execution. We design business models and at the same time operationalize them together with the entrepreneurs of the startups we admire. We trigger the power of connections bringing together entrepreneurs of diverse gender from alternative and developed markets in relations based on fairness. Because fairness for us is not a utopia value. Instead it means that the founder, investors, advisers and executives work in the best interest of the business to achieve impact at scale.

STUDIO X Ventures, 541 Jefferson Ave Suite 100, Redwood City CA 94063


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